1. We begin by performing a detailed assessment of your current financial situation.

2. We will follow that up by discussing your short, medium and long-term personal objectives as well as your tolerance to risk.

3. After thoroughly analyzing your feedback we will work together
with you to create a customized financial plan.

4. Once your plan is complete we will work with you to implement essential initiatives, ensuring continued active management and
effective monitoring.

5. To make sure that you stay on track we regularly review and amend your plan to keep it in line with any change in your personal circumstance or financial situation.

It is the system of working one on one with you that has proven our process to be so effective. We have a variety of ways to assist you in providing us with the information we need to complete an effective and informed financial plan. We also understand the your needs may be unique and may not fall into the typical planning process and will
adjust our process to fit your needs.

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