When becoming a caregiver for a loved one, you may also take
on the responsibility for managing their finances. Making sure your
loved one does not outlive their money is critical to ensuring that
your own finances will remain sound.

Financial Planning Considerations:

What is your loved one's current financial situation (i.e. income,expenses, bank accounts, retirement benefits, debts)?
How will you pay for their medical and living expenses?
What insurance do they require or have in place? (i.e. long-term care)?
Do they qualify for any government benefits?
Are all important financial documents organized and accessible?
Has an attorney been consulted to discuss power of attorney, living trusts and wills?

Safeguarding one's own financial situation while caring for a loved one can be difficult but we can help. You will need to make sure your loved ones are receiving all entitled government benefits and that their money is invested wisely. We will help you design a financial plan that ensures your loved one's immediate and long-term financial needs are secure.

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